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“Our patients want fixed teeth which are comfortable and look great. People don’t want healthy teeth cut down, if they can avoid it, nor do they want to wear dentures which move about.”
Dr. Patrick Holmes, Clinical Director


Missing teeth can affect your confidence

You might feel embarrassed that people think you haven’t looked after your teeth properly or you might feel it makes you look less attractive, or it can be uncomfortable to eat.

If you need a denture to replace your missing teeth you can suffer in more ways;
Eating can be a chore for you because you lose the enjoyment of the taste of food, and your food can get stuck underneath the denture.
It could be a constant fear that your denture might drop when talking, or that people may notice them moving around.
Maybe your teeth were removed many years ago, and you no longer want to wear a denture.

Teeth In a Day

One of the common scenarios we see is that you might be facing the problem of losing your last remaining teeth. We can frequently arrange for fixed teeth to be placed on the same day as your teeth come out, so you never have to wear a denture. We can often provide this service if you already have a denture.
Come in and talk to us, and we can assess if you are suitable for this, and discuss any other options you have as well.

Embarrassing gaps

You might have an unsightly gap which stops you from smiling, or that you think your friends, family and colleagues constantly notice.

The Solution

We recognize these dramatic effects, and understand the problems you face. We will listen carefully and sympathetically to all of your problems and concerns so that we can make sure your treatment matches your requirements.

You are an individual, and your treatment plan will be too.
We are able to explore all your treatment options, such as a variety of bridge-work, braces, or even alternative denture solutions.
We will make sure that you receive the most appropriate treatment for you.

As with all our treatments, we tailor a preventive plan for you, to make sure that your solution lasts as long as possible, and that help you reduce the need for treatments in the future.

When do we use implants

In the past, if you had a gap between two teeth, we needed to cut down your, often healthy, teeth. If you were missing a large number of teeth, there was no choice but a denture.
Implants can allow you to replace missing teeth if it makes your treatment simpler.

Why choose us

Our team has placed approximately 8000 implants to date. Dr Holmes has concentrated on aesthetic restorative dentistry for over a decade and has been chosen to educate other dentists on the subject of implant dentistry.


Dental implants offer a very predictable treatment with a very high success rate, in the region of 95% at a ten year follow-up, but they do need to be looked after or it is possible that they can develop a condition similar to gum disease.

We only start your treatment when we are satisfied all your existing dental issues are being dealt with. We also design a preventive programme to help reduce the possibilities of any problems in the future with the implants, and the rest of your mouth.

Most implant treatment is entirely uneventful, but for even further piece of mind we arrange for insurance cover of the implants for the first year. This can then be extended directly with the insurance company.

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