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Like all the branches of dentistry, there are many facets to root canal treatment. Cristiano is able to offer all of these to you at Seven Fields, in Swindon

Putting Us First To Put You First

We were –

  1. The first dental practice in Swindon to have a dental microscope
  2. The first dental practice in Swindon to have a computerized injection system, The Wand.
  3. The first dental practice in Swindon to use the newest reciprocating files.
  4. The first dental practice in Swindon to combine digital scanning and DC exposure for x-rays
With two dentists who provide root canal, you have access to the cutting edge of root canal; in technical skills, materials and equipment.


Initial Treatment

Root canal remains one of the most intricate aspects of dental care. Sometimes nerve canals can be a few hundredths of a millimeter in diameter, and they can have challenging curves. An endodontist might well treat more root canal cases in a week than a general dentist does in a year, and so can often pick up on the subtle details which can make a difference to a long term pain free tooth, or persistent problems.


Sometimes your root canal does not work first time. It might be that the previous dentist to try was unable to work right the way down a  very fine canal, or, did not find an extra canal. Fortunately all is not lost, and we are often able re-treat the tooth, correcting problems which have occurred.

Surgical Endodontics

Sometimes an area of infection around a tooth is particularly large, and might not respond as well to conventional treatment. In these cases we are often still able to save the tooth, using a technique called an apicectomy. In this a small nick is made in the gum, and it is gently lifted to expose the infection, which is cleaned manually.

Instrument Removal

Occasionally during the cleaning procedure, one of the delicate instruments might break and become lodged in the canal. This in itself is not a problem, and can often simply be left, but it can be an issue if it happens before the cleaning procedure is complete.  Often these can be removed, and the tooth saved, as planned.

Post Removal

Broken down teeth are often restores with a post down the centre of the tooth. These posts have to work hard, and occasionally they succumb to the forces and break. If the post cannot be removed, the tooth cannot be restored again., but the process of removing the post can unduly damage the tooth.  This is another area where the availability of the correct instruments, and experience can spell the difference between a success and failure.

Post Placement

We are able to offer you the most appropriate type of post, either an aesthetic fibre post or a traditional gold posts. Patrick Holmes has written papers on the use of posts to restore teeth. The post placement can often be performed in conjunction with the root canal appointment, leaving the tooth either completely finished or ready for a simple crown procedure.

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