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For many people dentistry can be scary. We recognise that. We know it’s not stupid, indeed it’s actually more normal than most people think. We will do anything we can to help you, and to make your visit easier than you might imagine
Dr. Patrick Holmes, Clinical Director

So how can we help you?

The whole team here at Seven Fields Dental Health Centre is here to help you.
From the very first time you pick up the phone through to helping you achieve the smile and dental health you are looking for. We aim to provide you with the very best that modern dentistry has to offer in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Most people can think of things they would rather do than visit the dentist.
That’s why we go to the efforts we do to make your visits different.

We do some things differently

In the waiting room you will smell the fresh coffee, rather than ‘That Dentist Smell’.

When we actually work on you, we like you to pick the music you enjoy. We have access to 12 million tracks. It sounds daft, but if you have something you like, it can take you away from the dentistry that little bit.

We numb the gum first before we inject.  Back in 2002, we were one of the first dentist’s in the country to have a computerised injection system, ours came out of the first delivery in the country!

Every little step we make can add up to big difference for YOU.

The different ways we can help

Just as there are many different fears, there are many ways we can help you deal with those fears.  We have the experience and training to help you relax while we solve your dental problems.

Before your first appointment we are delighted if you want to look around the building, so that when your first visit comes, things are already more familiar.
As we mentioned above, we take time during your initial consultation to get to know you and discuss any concerns you may have, before we even look at your teeth.

For many people this has been enough to reduce or even totally remove the anxiety.

Intra-Venous Sedation

For those who prefer ‘to know nothing about it’ during dental treatment we are able use intravenous sedation. Dr Ross Wilson, is able to carry out a full range of dental treatments using this technique to help even the most nervous of patients.

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