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When you are missing a tooth, implants frequently offer the best choice for replacement.  They represent the closest replica of what nature has provided you.
We use only Astra implants. They cost more than almost every other system available, but have the re-assurance of some of the longest clinical documentation, whilst also being back by the largest dental company in the world.

Our philosophy is that you should be benefiting From the implants long after you have forgotten the cost

Service Price
Front tooth From £2,575.00
Back tooth From £2,425.00
Full Jaw From £14,000.00
Service Price
New Patient consultation including x-rays £98.00
Routine Examination £62.15
Routine Hygienist Visit £65.00
Extensive Hygienist Visit £131.00
Extractions From £175.00
Dentures From £790.00

Periodontal Treatment

It is usually both cheaper and better to keep your own teeth, even if they have succumbed to previous gum disease. We can often provide your entire course of treatment for the cost of a single implant or a bridge!

Service Price
Consultation with Periodontist £125.00
Surgical treatment for gum disease From £650.00
Gummy smile correction From £750.00
Regeneration techniques From £1,100.00
Peri-implantitis Treatment From £800.00
Initial Periodontal treatment From £720 – £1080

The costs for the surgical treatment, gummy smile correction and regenerative procedures, and peri-implantitis are quoted on an individual basis, as it will depend upon the number of teeth involved, and the severity of the disease.

A typical course of periodontal treatment may involve an initial consultation with the periodontist, followed by 1 or 2 Specialist treatment appointments. There will then be a review appointment approximately 3 month later, and then possibly one or two areas of surgical corrections; typically a total cost of £1500.


Root canal

Root treating teeth often allows us to save teeth that would otherwise need removed, often saving you From more complex, and expensive treatment like bridges, implants or dentures.

Service Price
Incisor From £477.00
Premolar From £576.00
Molar From £739.00


We are usually able to re-treat root canals, and also provide surgical services if they are needed.
Re-treatments usually cost £100 more than initial treatments

Individual pricing is given for the removal of broken instruments, posts, and the repair of damaged roots based on the exact clinical circumstances.

Please note that after you have a root canal treatment it is usual to need some form of filling and crown


Cosmetic Treatment

You want to smile confidently No gaps, No stains, Just Beautiful Teeth by Seven Fields

White Fillings

Our modern white filings now frequently allow us to re-build your front teeth rather than having to crown them.

Service Price
Front Teeth White Fillings From £122- £274
White fillings now can last as long as the old black amalgam fillings, and if suitable offer a more natural look
Back Teeth White Fillings From £244- £305

Tooth Lightening

If you teeth are not the colour you would like, we can often use simple tooth lightening, which is quick, cost-effective and involves no damage to the teeth. We recommend the ‘At Home’ tooth lightening systems, and our kits include upper and lower trays, and the appropriate gel for you individual needs.



Sometimes your teeth are too broken down, or need to be radically changed in order to achieve the results you desire. We use only the finest technicians and the highest-grade materials. Where it is suitable we use all ceramic crowns, but can also obtain high quality results with all forms of crown.

We put more cosmetic detail into the teeth at the front of the mouth, so there is a price differential between crowns on the front teeth and crowns on the back teeth.

Service Price
Front tooth crown £970.00 per crown
Back tooth crown £760.00 per crown

In order to achieve the best aesthetic results, it is often necessary to have interim crowns or bridges, and there are additional fees for this.



When you are missing a tooth, one of the ways to replace it is with a bridge, which is fixed in your mouth and does not come out at night.

With a bridge, it is typical that we need to involve three teeth in total, one either side plus the missing tooth.  We put more cosmetic detail into the teeth at the front of the mouth, so there is a price differential between bridges at the front of the mouth, and those at the back.

Service Price
Bridge at the front of the mouth £970.00 per tooth
Bridge at the back of the mouth £730.00 per tooth

In order to achieve the best aesthetic results, it is often necessary to have interim crowns or bridges, and there are additional fees for this.



Veneers are very delicate coatings which are bonded onto the front teeth. In the right circumstances, they offer one of the highest levels of aesthetic restoration, combined with a lower level of tooth damage.

Service Price
First veneer £970.00
Additional veneers in same course of treatment
Service Price
Hygienist 60 minute £131.00
Hygienist 30 minute £65.00

Sevenfields Price List

Pay as you go

When you come in for your appointment, you simply pay for what you have had done.
For treatment which extends over several visits, for example a crown, you typically pay the cost over the two visits


As a Denplan practice we offer both Denplan Care and Denplan Essentials

Denplan Essentials
This plan covers, as it it’s name implies, the essential aspects of your dental car, namely two check-ups, two routine hygienist visits and any x-rays. In addition it covers the cost of emergency treatment, world-wide dental insurance and out of hours coverage.

Denplan Care
Our second Denplan package is geared towards a more comprehensive cover, allowing you to budget more for your dental care. This options covers all the aspects of the Essentials package, but in addition it also provides for fillings, and extractions.  For any routine dental work involving a dental laboratory, it covers all the clinical fees, you simply pay the dental technicians fees.
There are certain items that it does not cover, such as specialist gum work, root-canal work, implant work, or work which you want to have done, but is not clinically necessary, such cosmetic dentistry.

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