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“Your teeth might be broken down; they made need to have their colour and shape changed dramatically. Working with some of the finest technicians, and with over twenty years of aiming to offer the highest quality, we are here to help you both protect and , indeed, perfect your teeth”

Patrick Holmes Clinical Director

What is a Crown

A crown fits over a tooth, almost like a thimble. It is made outside the mouth, usually by a technician. They can be made of many different materials, with different types of ceramics, ceramics fused to a metal sub-structure, of gold.
All of these have their advantages, and disadvantages, which we discuss with you, to make sure that, together, we select the correct option for you.

When do you need one

You might need a crown because a tooth is sufficiently broken down, only a crown will be strong enough, or, a crown might be needed to re-shape your tooth enough to get the best aesthetic results.

What should you expect?

At the first visit, you are normally numbed up to ensure comfort. Your tooth is then reduced to create the space for the crown. An impression, or mould, is taken, which goes to the technician. Most frequently you will have a temporary crown made.
At your next visit, normally between two and three weeks later, the temporary crown is removed, and, assuming all aspects are correct, the crown is fitted.


We are very fortunate in being able to offer implants, dentures and braces, all under one roof, as options to replace missing teeth. One of the traditional, and most predictable ways has been with a bridges.
With a bridge we join a false tooth to the teeth either side of a gap. This is done either with a special adhesive technique, or by using crowns. Each type have situations where they work better, and we are delighted to go through these with you

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