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‘The nicest practice I have ever seen’- Comment during our Care Quality Commission (CQC) Inspection.

‘We go to exceptional lengths to make sure you dentistry is at the highest level, and that care extends to the bits you cannot see. Our ethos is simple, we would be happy for our family, our friends and ourselves, to receive our dentistry in exactly the same way you would.’Patrick Holmes Clinical Director

It’s important to us that ALL elements of your dental care are carried out to the highest standards, especially all the decontamination, and sterilization.


If you look carefully, when we start your treatment, all your instruments are in sterile bags, which are date stamped. This lets us know the instruments we use have been recently sterilized.The bag is opened, and the instruments are used. They then go to a central sterilization room.The instruments go through several cleaning processes, including being checked under magnification, before they go to an autoclave to sterilize them.This not only sterilizes the instruments, but also logs the cycle on the computer, so that a permanent record of this is kept.


We also use disposable materials such as gloves, and the tips for our air and water, and our impression trays. Given the difficulty in sterilizing the delicate root canal instruments, we throw them away after a single use.


We check, and record, not only the type of anaesthetic, but also the quantity, the expiry date, and the batch number of every cartridge used.


Each implant is recorded for batch and expiry, length and diameter, and can be traced right back to the factory.

Laboratory Work

Every time we fit laboratory work, we will give you a certificate which shows that it was made in the United Kingdom, by a qualified technician.

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