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Prevention- It’s better to stay healthy than have to become healthy

Loosing your teeth either through gum disease or decay should not be inevitable. We want it to be the exception, rather than the norm, but, if you are going to keep your teeth into you 80’s, 90’s or, perhaps even 100’s this takes a bit more effort.

Prevention of gum disease and decay

Our primary goal is to prevent problems, rather than to have to cure them. Gum disease and tooth decay, whilst being two of the most common diseases in the world can, in 99% of cases, be prevented. What is more, this can mostly be done with home-care, and perhaps the odd bit of help from your hygienist.

Gum Disease

For gum disease the main method of prevention lies in the cleaning. Today there are so many different brushes, flosses, and other strange looking contraptions it can be hard to know where to start. We can work with you so that you have the items to suit you, which makes it much easier to keep using them on a consistent basis.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is very closely linked to sugar intake, acid and a variety of eating habits. Once more the first aspect is to go through these issues to help you identify problem areas. We can advise on specialist toothpastes, gels , mouth-washes and other chemicals which can help reduce the chances of you having a problem.

Prevention of Systemic Diseases

There is dramatically mounting evidence connecting gum disease with a variety of very significant general diseases. Recently there have been very close connections made with a variety of heart diseases and diabetes. There is still much research to be done in these areas, however


We are also realistic, and sometimes things slip, leaving build-ups of plaque or calculus (tartar) or staining. This can lead to your gums bleeding, and so we can arrange for you to see the hygienist to help correct these factors, and set you on the straight and narrow ago.

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