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Implant Referral Services For Dentists

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the services of Ross Wilson and Patrick Holmes, (Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry).
Both Ross and Patrick have been involved with implant dentistry for over 20 years, and are delighted to share this experience with you and your patients.
We also are delighted to offer the services of Dimitrios Fragkiskos, who can help with peri-implantitis issues.

We use Astra implants. As you may be aware these implants pioneered many of the features which other systems copy. This means they have much longer documentation which imparts a higher level of predictability for your patients.

We offer different services dependent on your level of interest in implant dentistry.

Coaching or Mentoring

We are always delighted to welcome you to the practice if you simply want to discuss treatment options, and the areas where the success or failure will hinge on. We are passionate about our dentistry, and these sessions help us as much as they help you. There is no charge for this, and you do not need to be a current referrer.
Similarly, you can send us an e-mail of either placement or peri-implantitis issues, and we can normally give you thoughts, with the obvious disclaimers if we have not examined your patient.
We are very keen to help you get started in implants, and run restorative evenings to set you on the first steps.

‘Inherited’ Patients

From a restorative stand point we can assist you if you have inherited cases with Astra, Branemark/Nobel Biocare, 3i, Dentsply Friadent, Southern and Corevent.
Given a degree of notice, we can deal with most other makes, normally without having to purchase new instruments, and so save your patients money.
This allows you to offer your normal dental services to patients who might already have implants, with the knowledge that back-up is there, should something loosen, or give cause for concern, either to you or your patient.

Placement Only

For the keen restorative dentist, implants offer solutions, but you may not wish to get involved with the surgical side of implants, especially where grafting, either soft or hard tissues, sinus manipulation or lifting, or work in close proximity to mandibular nerves. It might be that you only have the need to treat a handful of cases a year, and so having all the surgical kit, along with the nurse training, and backup is not cost effective.
We are delighted to place your implants for you, and return them either at suture removal stage, for you to perform any second stage surgery, or with a healing abutment placed.

Full Service

Many dentists have no interest in Implant dentistry, but you patients will, if they have missing teeth. You do not need to lose these patients, and we are happy to offer a ‘Start to Finish’ service.


The exact prevalence of peri-implantitis is greatly debated. It is safe to say, that if you place enough implants, no matter how carefully, and no matter how thorough your and your patients implant care is, you will have to deal with peri-implantitis.

Alternatives to Implant Treatment and Associated Care

Often we find that, with the use of our root canal and periodontal care we are able to either save existing teeth or provide a conventional alternative. It would be of great assistance to use, if you would indicate if you would wish us to provide this care should it be appropriate.
If the teeth have not already been lost, many dentists prefer us to handle the extractions. Once again, to allow us to tailor our treatment to your needs, it would be exceptionally helpful for you to indicate your preference.

To refer, you can use e-mail us.

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