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Sometimes your teeth hurt. This can be down to simply sensitivity, a bit of decay or a filling, which is past its best.  Normally these problems can be dealt with with general dentistry.

Sometimes it can be more involved.  At the centre of the tooth is its nerve. This can become very inflamed, or die due to decay, trauma, or wear to the tooth.  If left ,an abscess might appear.
These abscesses can go undetected for years, or, conversely might give problems such as swelling or a great deal of pain.
Traditionally these teeth would have been extracted.

Today we are able to offer much more. We are fortunate to have two exceptional dentists who dedicate themselves to root canal, or endodontics..  With success rates as high as 95% after ten years, you are usually able to save teeth that otherwise would need to be removed

We use all the latest equipment and materials; high magnification glasses, microscopes, ultrasonics instruments and single use instruments.
Our dentists are both international lecturers. Their skills and knowledge are such, that both have been engaged as Opinion Leaders by leading dental companies, and have been involved in research and development of instruments.

Should you require root canal, and you are not a member of Seven Fields, we are delighted for you to either contact us directly, or for you to ask your dentist to refer you to us. We are very happy to sort out just these issues and then return you back to your own dentist for your routine work.

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