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Sedation for Nervous Patients

When you are very nervous, or need a large amount of work, many patients find that the best option is to have a strong sedative injected directly.
This produces a deep trance like state, where, although you are not actually asleep, you might as well be. In addition to not being aware of the procedure, the sedative has a second effect of helping you to forget what went on.

During the procedure you will always have two members of staff looking after you, making sure that you are comfortable.

Due to the nature of IV sedation, you will need a responsible adult to bring you home, and we recommend you spent the rest of the day with some guidance or supervision. We will make sure to explain fully the sedation treatment to you before we organize your appointment.

Dr Ross Wilson provides our sedation services. Ross has a wealth of experience in sedation, having worked in hospital settings for several years, where he gained his MFDS,RCS (Eng) in 2000.

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