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The aim for all dentistry is that careful preservation of natural tissues is more desirable than the meticulous replacement of lost tissues. Nowhere is this more important than with the gums.

Periodontal Services

Second Opinions

Like all forms of health care the most important step is to determine the expectations of the patient, the diagnosis of the complaint, and establish a prognosis. From these a treatment plan can be formed. We often find, that the second opinion of a Specialist, confirming what you or your hygienist has been saying is enough to galvanise the patient’s home care, and improve the situation.
Dimitrios is also delighted to provide a prescription for your hygienist to care for your patient.
We are delighted to welcome your hygienists to come along when your patient is being assessed, and frequently find that this work especially well on Fridays.
Should this be the case, please add this to the referral form.

Hygienist Services

Should you not have a hygienist, or should they be more comfortable dealing with the less aggressive or sever cases, Dimitrios is delighted to work with our hygienist in providing the care.Our presumption is that you will provide the hygienist care for your patient.

Pocket Correction Surgery

Many patients with destructive periodontal disease, once the home-care and the inflammation have been dealt with, will require some pocket reduction or elimination surgery. We are delighted to carry this out

Crown lengthening

For many restorative situations, crown lengthening can be exceptionally helpful.

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