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We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the services of Cristiano Fabiani to provide endodontic services.
He has been involved with root canal for over 20 years, and he brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and care to your patients.
We do not accept referred patients as patients to our practice, and will return them to your care following treatment.

All root canal is carried out under rubber dam, with single use rotary, or reciprocating instruments, and with the aid of microscope, electronic apex location, and endodontic ultrasonic instruments.

We are delighted to offer the full range of endodontic treatments you would expect.


We are always delighted to welcome you to either post, or, preferably e-mail radiographs for an opinion. Obviously without seeing the patient we are unable to provide a definitive diagnosis or treatment plan, but we can normally offer guidance, which, we hope, can save you time, and hopefully save your patients’ teeth.

Initial Therapy

We normally are happy to under-take this on a single visit, and, should the patient have an existing indirect restoration, we will endeavour to gain access through it. In cases of very sclerosed canals it may be advisable to remove it first, to optimize the success of the root-canal


The anatomy of a root canal is, at times challenging. Without high powered magnification, it can be difficult to locate that elusive accessory canal, or there might be a bi-furcation far down it.
It might be you have inherited a patient with a root canal that is not quite up to your standards, but you feel re-treating it is that bit more complex than initial treatment.
We are happy to help you and your patients.  Once again, we usually recommend a single visit, but will advise your patient as necessary. We are more likely to recommend that cast restorations are removed before we start, and so you might need to re-crown a tooth afterwards.

Endodontic Incidents

It is an inevitable, although relatively uncommon occurrence, for instruments to fracture, or perforations either of the chamber or the furcation to happen.
It happens even to the most experienced endodontists, who perform only root canal, and have many years of post-graduate training and experience.
Should, what seems to be a simple root canal, turn into a less straight forward event for you and your patient, all may not be lost, and we are delighted to help. We have a wealth of experience in the use of MTA, (including publication in the International Endodontic Journal), and we also are practiced at removing instruments.

Surgical Endodontics

Although we offer an implant service, we still do not give up on natural teeth. With the use of magnification and microsurgical endodontic ultrasonic instruments, we can frequently obtain the same prognosis as implants, at a lower cost, and in a dramatically shorter treatment time, especially in the critical anterior region.
We also, frequently, are able to re-treat previous apicectomies with a conventional crown down technique.

Restoration and Endodontics

Post-Root Canal Restoration

The widely accepted consensus is that successful root canal treatment requires a good coronal seal performed as close to the endodontic therapy as possible.
We assume that you will provide any definitive restorations, but should you prefer for us to perform the restorative side, either because the tooth is heavily broken down, or for your patients’ convenience, we are happy to do so, if you indicate this on your referral.  We are happy for this to be either post only, especially in these days of the more technique sensitive fibre posts, or we are happy to go to the final restoration. If we are to take the responsibility of the final restoration, we normally will ask to see the patient first to make certain we are happy to restore the tooth.

Post Removal

Frequently post crowns fail with the fracture of the posts. Often we are able to remove the posts, and return the patient ready for you to re-crown the tooth. We can often get a good indication of the possibility of this if you are able to send a radiograph, either by post or e-mail.

Teeth Which Prove Beyond Saving

If there is a tooth which might not be salvageable, it would be exceptionally useful to us to let us now if you would like us to give other options to your patients, such as implants. We very much only wish to undertake work which you ask us to perform.

To refer, you can use e-mail, or conventional pen and paper

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