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“We love welcoming new patients; as the saying goes,
There’s no such thing as a stranger, just a friend you haven’t met’.

Please look around the web-site, look at our work, and look at the building
What’s more, you’re welcome to come to the practice, and have a look around, which can be especially helpful if you are nervous.
You might well find out we’re the practice you’ve always been looking for.”
Patrick Holmes, Clinical Director.

Recreating lost smiles | Restoring confidence | Removing discomfort

At Seven Fields we have committed to providing the highest level of dentistry in exceptional surroundings. We treat our patients as we would wish to be treated ourselves.
With education, care and consistency we will continue to push our standards higher. With consideration for all involved, we will make Seven Fields an enjoyable place to be.

Many practices offer general dentistry, and some practices concentrate solely on specialist dentistry. At Seven Fields we offer the rare combination of practitioners dedicated to their own field, as well offering general dental practice.
You hope that all you need is normal day-to-day general dentistry but should you need a focused approach in root canal, gum work, aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry, or should you need implants, or sedation if your nervous, or a brace for crooked teeth, be re-assured the same team you trust can offer that experience under one roof.

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