Dental veneers, also known as laminate veneers, or porcelain veneers, are one of the cornerstones of modern cosmetic dentistry.
They allow us to correct the shape, close gaps and alter the colour of teeth, and all with a minimal amount of drilling to the teeth.

Dental Veneers are thin ‘wafers’ of hand crafted porcelain which are bonded to the tooth with adhesives. Once bonded they are exceptionally strong, and offer a good life expectancy with most studies showing that over 90% of veneers are still looking good and lasting well after 10 years


This picture shows two dental veneers which had just been placed by another dentist. The patient was unsatisfied with them.


The old dental veneers were removed, and we then refine the preparations.
You can perhaps just about see how delicate the preparations are, leaving most of the tooth untouched.

We then take impressions that are sent to the dental technician.


This shows just how delicate the veneers are, almost like porcelain finger nails

The porcelain dental veneers are then cemented to the teeth, creating the look you desire.



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