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Fed Up With, or Not Ready For Dentures?

If you are tired of your current dentures moving around in your mouth, and think denture adhesive is bothersome, you might be suitable for implants

It may be that your denture moves when you are eating or talking. It could be that you find the denture uncomfortable with it rubbing the gum, or catching the back of your throat.

It could also be that you are down to your last few teeth, and, despite modern root canal or gum treatments, you are unable to keep them.

In most situations we are able to provide a fixed denture solution by using dental implants. This replaces your missing teeth in a way as close to nature as possible, giving you the confidence and comfort to eat, socialise.

What do you say about our treatment

I can still remember how I used to dread a visit to the dentist, but thankfully that’s no more than a distant memory now, thanks to Patrick. After a significant course of treatment which included a full upper arch dental implant, I can recommend the Seven Fields Dental Health Centre without reservation for all dental care. Before any treatment is given there is always a full explanation of the various options available, which is always given clearly and in a relaxed and friendly manner. I think I will always be a nervous patient, but after many pain free sessions while my teeth were being restored I might soon be actually looking forward to visits and regular check-ups with Patrick and of course the wonderful Melissa!


Teeth by Nature


Teeth by Sevenfields


Multiple Implant Case Winner
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Multiple Implant Case Winner


Does it hurt?

For full arch work we recommend intra-venous sedation, in addition to local anaesthetic, and with the combination of these two, there should be no discomfort at all.

Afterwards, you may need to take a couple of normal painkillers, such as ibuprofen, or paracetamol that evening, and perhaps the next day.

How many implants do I need?

By following a very strict protocol, we can restore your mouth with as few as four implants, although sometimes we will place five or six per jaw.  Using fewer implants has been shown to have the key advantages of the same success rate, fewer side effects, and an increased number of suitable cases.

Teeth in a day

We have worked for five years in developing a predictable protocol which can offer temporary teeth fixed within a couple of days of the implants being placed. We then finalise the appearance, aesthetics and comfort once the healing is complete. During this time you continue to enjoy the benefits of the fixed teeth.

Can you always place immediate teeth or ‘teeth in a day’?

In order to place immediate teeth, we need the implants to have a certain stability as they are placed.  If we do not get this, then we do not take the risk of placing immediate fixed teeth, but instead fit the previously prepared denture.  We would still be able to proceed to the final teeth in three months. In over 80% of cases we are able to use the fixed teeth.

When are the immediate teeth placed?

We can go to fixed teeth within a couple of hours of the implants being placed, but this relies on an all plastic bridge, re-lined in the mouth, which is not as strong as a laboratory fabricated alternative.  If you can go without teeth for a one to two day period, we would prefer to take records on the day of the surgery, and within a couple of days, the laboratory can have the temporary teeth. Approximately three months later we can make the final teeth

Is everybody suitable for implants?

The techniques which we use do allow us to treat the vast majority of people. There are times when we are not able to, due to very little bone, or some medical conditions, such as uncontrolled diabetes.  We can discuss alternative treatments in these circumstancesThe placement of an implant tends to be an area of treatment that causes concern to patients.  This is very understandable, as it is obviously something which you have not had done before.  We have found that all of our patients find it very comfortable, and many of them actually go to sleep!  Many patients feel  that some sedation may be sensible, given the length of time that the procedure may take.

What is Actually Involved?


The procedure itself involves
a small nick in the gum


Space is created for the implant


The implants are then placed.


The gum is then placed back.

Fabrication of the Permanent Teeth

Once we have left the bone to mature around the implants fully, typically a period around three months, we can start making the final teeth.
We are able to take as many steps as necessary, and try-in and assess every aspect of the technical aspects.
As a guide, we will take the following visits.


We take impressions of the implants, and the gums.


The impression tray


The impression, after, containing all the information

Bite Record

We take impressions of the implants, and the gums.


The wax block before


The impression, after, containing all the information

Wax Try-in

We try-in denture teeth, set in wax, to allow us to assess the appearance of the teeth, and adjust as necessary. It will frequently take several visits, and refinements, to make certain that you are happy with the looks of your teeth. We would very much prefer that you are fussy, in order that you get exactly the appearance you want.
With this in mind, please do make sure that you say if there are any aspects of the appearance which you do not like.  Similarly, if you are not sure, we are happy to take photographs for you to take home, or for you to bring along any friends or family.


Wax try-in on the model


And in the mouth

Try in

Up until this stage, we will  have only used denture teeth to help us develop the appearance.  At this stage they are replaced with the hand fabricated porcelain teeth.  We might wish to try these in before they are fully finished to make certain everything is exactly how we planned it.


The finished work


An example of the detail


Once we are happy with all these aspects, we can finally fit the permanent teeth, and you can start to enjoy your fixed teeth.

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